H. Kawano & Co., Inc. engages exclusively in retail sales of mutual funds. All sales are done on an application-way basis.

We don't safekeep customer securities or hold customer funds.

Each account is registered in the name/address of the customer and each account is maintained directly by the respective Mutual Fund Group.


Investing in a diversified mutual fund does not guarantee that a profit will be realized in your investment and does not guarantee that a loss will not incur when redeeming your investment.

Before investing, you must carefully review the fund's prospectus which contains information about the fund's investment objectives, it risks, its commission fees & operating expenses and other information. You may obtain the prospectus by calling us at 808-538-3681.

Currently, H. Kawano & Co., Inc. is not seeking to open "new" customer accounts.

H. Kawano & Co., Inc. is a member of SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation).

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